Dawn Friedman MSEd (she/her)

I love working with struggling parents.

I’ve been working with families for the past thirty years. I’ve been a preschool teacher, a childcare site director, a parenting educator, a college course instructor, a family case manager, an editor at a national parenting magazine, and a counselor in private practice working with parents and kids. 

My masters is in Community Mental Health. I have post-grad certification in Infant-Toddler Mental Health and completed the certification training for postpartum mood disorders through Postpartum Support International. 

I have two kids — one grown, one nearly — and my work has been informed and inspired by my own challenges, grief,  growth and joy as a parent and a daughter committed to doing things differently.

Raising kids is the most triggering work that we will ever do.

Nothing will bring out the bumps and bruises of our own childhoods; nothing will so expose us to our own hopes, fears and frustrations; and nothing will force us to confront our demons like becoming a parent. We need (and deserve) help from healing partners — friends, loved ones, healthy family members and community helpers — who will support us towards growth, understanding and joy.

That’s why I built this community.

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What people have to say:

I work with mothers and families everyday who are struggling. I am always confident in referring to Dawn because she is professional, knowledgeable, competent, and most importantly, compassionate. So many of my clients have benefited from her care during pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting.

Linsey Griffith, CD(DONA), LCCE, HBCE, CLC


I trust Dawn’s experience and knowledge as a clinician, a writer, an educator, and a parent. I have turned to her for clinical consultation with clients, and for consultation about raising my own child. Dawn is warm, no-nonsense, clear in her communication, and compassionate. She is a gifted clinician with strong instincts and the knowledge and experience to back it up. Dawn is a fantastic resource.

Meg Weber LPC


Dawn in an invaluable resource for the mothers and families I work with. She has a deep passion for helping people be their best selves. As a birth worker I have been fortunate enough to take her training on Postpartum mood disorders and have also referred clients to her many times. We are so lucky to have her in our circle!

Ami Shaffer, CD(DONA), LCCE

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