Why I don’t use client testimonials

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You may have noticed that I don’t have client testimonials on my web site, which goes against everything the marketers tell you to do. You’ve got to have “social proof,” they say, because who is going to sign on without actual real life people telling you about what joining your site did for them and their lives?

I’m not going to do that and I want to explain why.

The people who join my site are people who want to do things differently than their own mothers, right? Which means most of us here have, well, some mom issues going on. One way mom issues show up is in complicated relationships with people in authority. Some of us (not all of us) find ourselves doing things to get the approval of people we perceive as being in charge and I’m the person in charge of the membership site. (I see it as a collaborative project between all the members but yeah, it’s my gig.) I don’t want anyone to feel like they HAVE to give me a testimonial. I don’t want them to think that I’m going to ask them or might ask them or that I’m noticing if they don’t offer to give me one. I just don’t want that great big complication anywhere on the table so my testimonials are from colleagues who have worked with me or who know my work and can speak to it in a professional capacity.

So that is why you’re not going to find client testimonials on my site. I just don’t think it’s the right choice for me and I wanted you to know why.

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