Community Guidelines

  1. Honor the diversity in our community. Our community is made up of individuals with diverse experiences, perspectives and contexts. We recognize that we each an expert on our own lives but also remember that we can’t know everything from our personal experience alone. We have the opportunity to gain a richer and more complex understanding of ourselves, our children and each other by listening to other group members.
  2. Respect the privacy of other members.The course asks us to be vulnerable and some of us may share stories in this space that they’ve never told anyone before. Please keep what is said in your group and on the forums private.
  3. Only share what you’re comfortable sharing. Your stories, feelings and experiences are yours. You can choose whatever level of anonymity is comfortable to you. While I will need your “real” name and identifying information to process your membership, you can use whatever username you want. Rest assured, I will not publicly connect your identifying info with your community-facing profile. I welcome your participation in the community but also honor your right to limit your participation. Whatever you choose, I am glad you’re here!
  4. This is an unasked for advice-free zone! Unless the person posting has explicitly asked for help, please do not give it! Empathy, encouragement, acknowledgment and commiseration are, of course, always welcome!
  5. Take in what is useful to you, don’t worry about the rest of it. I try to bring in a variety of resources from people with different kinds of expertise, training, lived experience, professional orientations, and beliefs. That means that sometimes a resource will really resonate with you and sometimes it won’t. You get to decide what is helpful to you and what resonates with you. If you don’t like something on the site, skip it. If you are very bothered by it, I welcome your feedback. You can always private message me to share your thoughts.
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