• Are you struggling to be the parent you were meant to be?
  • Did you lack role models for the way you want to raise your kids?
  • I built these courses and this community to serve parents just like you.

Hi, I’m Dawn.

I’ve been working with, writing about and supporting families for almost thirty years and I know that being a parent is one of the most difficult things you can do. Every book, every expert, and every bit of unasked for advice seems to send you in a different direction. And for those of us with challenging childhoods it’s all that much harder. How do we get the confidence we need to be the parent our children need?

With help we can become the role models we didn’t have. In my courses we look at the latest research on how to grow great kids and how to be happy parents, we pull together tried and true methods and new ways of looking at things, and we dig in deep to root out the negative messages that get in the way of our best parenting.

This program isn’t a quick fix list of tips. Sure, I’ll have tips for you but more than that it’ll be soul-searching, life defining work that will not just help you being a calmer, more confident parent but also a calmer, more confident YOU.

Online courses

A growing list of courses anchored by Parenting with Attunement, a deep-dive look at effective parenting that’s centered on YOU.

Monthly Live Webinars

Here’s your chance to ask questions directly, get clear answers on tough problems. Always recorded so you can view them when it’s most convenient for you.

Supportive Community

Connect with other parents in a safe, supportive and confidential environment. Cheer each other on, shore each other up, and create healing connection.

Let's do this work together.

You Are Not Your Mother is more than just a collection of (great) courses, it’s also a community of other parents with the same commitment you have for interrupting family patterns of dysfunction. It’s a safe place to share, to listen, to process big thoughts and get the encouragement to make this hard work easier.

Parenting for Attunement

Dig deep to explore theory and practice for problem solving any parenting challenge, informed by research and developed to meet the needs of every family whatever their situation, needs and beliefs.

Anti-Anxiety Toolbox

A course to understand childhood (and adult) anxiety and ways to combat it. Anxiety is the number one reason kids get referred to counseling. Start building your tools and resources to help you and your anxious child.

Plus Courses for Your Personal Growth

Beyond classes for you as a parent, you'll find enlightening classes for you as a person. Understand how your experiences as a child inform your life as a parent; dismantle tired ideas that keep you from growing; build a healing community on and off-line; and more!

Learn more about joining the You Are Not Your Mother community!

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