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Right now I’m building up You Are Not Your Mother, blogging daily to find my way to what I want to say and to whom I want to say it.

I have an idea of exactly the person (or people) inspired by the clients whose hard work, bravery and specific history have most resonated with me. Therapy is a relationship and it’s necessarily and appropriately constrained to protect the client but it definitely has an impact on the therapist, too. This site I’m working on is informed by that as well as my own lived experience. 

Writing it out and working on the site itself is giving me a lot to think about.

Right now I’m also swamped with work and hoping that good times are on the horizon because oh my gosh, don’t we all need a break from the relentless news? When all of this is over, I’m gonna take SUCH a vacation! So that’s part of what I do now, too, think about what’s next. Traveling someplace pretty, I hope, without wifi.

Updated August 20, 2020

This is a NOW page

Dawn Friedman MSEd

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