Thank you for contacting me about the sliding scale membership fees for You Are Not Your Mother. In order to serve more people, I am offering a sliding scale fee of $25/month for parents who are receiving Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps or WIC. 

I am offering this sliding scale on an honor system; you do not need to offer proof that you are in need of a lower membership fee. 

When you fill out the form below I will send you a special link to the sliding scale registration form within the next 48 hours (it’ll probably be sooner than that but I want to give myself some wriggle room in the event that I’m traveling or have a weird internet outage or some other wackiness occurs.) 

The sliding scale membership lasts for a year. At the end of the year if your circumstances have changed I hope you will sign up for a full fee membership. If your circumstances have not changed, just let me know and I will renew your membership. You can, of course, cancel your membership at anytime. As with the full fee membership, you can cancel your membership at any time within the first 30 days and your card will NOT be charged.

I appreciate your willingness to check out the site and look forward to working with you!


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