Are you struggling to be the parent you were meant to be?

Did you lack role models for the way you want to raise your kids?

I built my courses and community to serve parents just like you.

I’m Dawn Friedman.

I’ve been working with, writing about and supporting families for my entire professional life.

I know that being a parent is one of the most difficult things you can do. Every book, every expert, and every bit of unasked for advice seems to send you in a different direction. And for those of us with challenging childhoods it’s all that much harder. How do we get the confidence to be the parent our children need?

What our community offers its members:

  • Workshops you take at your speed and on your schedule
  • Supportive peers who understand, hold you (lovingly) accountable and cheer you on
  • Ask Me Anything events with top experts on feeding kids, managing your relationships, and taking care of yourself

  • Access to me via our site messageboards and my private inbox
  • Weekly journal prompts to inspire, encourage and dig in deep so you can take charge of making sense of things.
  • And lots of fun little details to keep you encouraged and motivated!

The parents I work with struggle to understand their feelings and their children’s behaviors. They come to me feeling helpless, frustrated and guilty. They are afraid that everyone else knows how to be a parent and worry that they will never figure it out. I help them turn all of that around. I know that we all have the capacity to interrupt the family patterns of dysfunction that we were raised with and become the parents we were meant to be.

Through our work in the community, you will learn how your past is influencing your present, how to confront the negative messages you’ve been carrying, and how to replace those messages with calm, confidence and contentment. I will give you a clear system for choosing the right parenting tools for your unique family and give you the supports to consistently respond to the ordinary and extraordinary challenges of being a parent.

I invite you to join my waitlist by subscribing to my newsletter. As a bonus, you’ll get a link to download a PDF of the Core Concepts that inform the work we do together in the You Are Not Your Mother community.

What the site is:

  • A chance to meet with other parents so you know you’re not alone;
  • A growing collection of courses and webinars to take at your own pace;
  • Coaching from me via the forums and my inbox.

What the site isn’t:

  • A substitute for therapy. If you join the site and realize you would benefit from mental health support I’m happy to offer referrals to counselors in your community.

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