Did you lack role models for the way you want to raise your kids?

Are you struggling to be the parent you were meant to be?

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Dawn Friedman MSEd

The You Are Not Your Mother membership site is built for parents like you who are committed to breaking family patterns of dysfunction.

If you’ve longed to find a healing community where you will get support without judgment, information that fits your unique family, and opportunities for greater growth and connection, you’re in the right place!

My work has been featured in:

A site for brave parents who reject harmful family traditions for the good of their kids AND themselves

This membership program is not just about how to parent effectively (getting kids to bed, getting chores done, etc.) but about the potential for parenting to be transformative — to bring us to our best selves, our most loving selves, and our most contented and confident selves. This is big work and it’s hard work but you don’t have to do it alone. It is my passion and my privilege to work with struggling parents like you. 

Check out the video below to meet me and learn more about my vision for the site.

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Our growing community offers:

I know Dawn’s professional skills, deep knowledge of these topics on both the academic and personal level, and uncanny, warm wisdom are an asset to all parents and their children.

Dr. Laura Bassi, Ph.D.

Cognitive Developmental Psychologist

If you had parents who were overbearing...

you might worry about being overbearing or about swinging too far in the opposite direction to being neglectful.

If you had parents who were neglectful...

you might worry about fostering independence without making your kids feel abandoned.

If you had parents who were explosive or depressed or anxious...

you might worry about appropriately managing your own feelings of anger, sadness and anxiety.

If you are struggling, you belong here.

If you secretly worry that everyone else knows how to be a parent and that you'll never figure it out then you are in the right place!

We all have the capacity to break the cycles that we were raised with and become the parents we were meant to be.

Through our work in the community, you will learn how your past is influencing your present, how to confront the negative messages you’ve been carrying, and how to replace those messages with calm, confidence and contentment. I will give you a clear system for choosing the right parenting tools for your unique family and give you the supports to consistently respond to the ordinary and extraordinary challenges of being a parent. Plus you will find friendships that will support you along the way.

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